Argentina and Chile

I am a girl from Georgia who lives in Chile and recently I took a trip to Mendoza, Argentina. Here are some of my photos from this lovely town plus some more of Valparaíso, where I live in Chile. You can find more photos and info on life here at my blog: I´d love to make new travel friends! :)

As listed in my blog, for those interested in Mendoza, the boutique hotels are really cheap there. I highly recommend Bohemia Hotel and Boutique. As far as restaurants, 390 Pastas and Clementine Café are the best places in that city. From where I live in Valparaíso, you can take a bus there in 8 hours for 20 dollars -very cheap way to travel compared to the 200 dollar airfare. The biggest attractions there are the wineries and the best one I have been to out of the 6 or 7 was one called VistAndes. This city is AMAZING and anyone in South America needs to make a trip there.

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Moscow to Vienna

Hi there!

I'm badly in need of a cheap one-way flight from Moscow to Vienna, but all Russian aircompanies gave the price over 100 euros. Does anyone have a clue about smth European, but cheap and working with Moscow??

need some help

i live in a really small town in the us but i'v ALWAYS wanted to friend shayna and i are planning to travel this summer.if u have any suggestions on where would b a gr8 place 2 go we're up 4 anything.
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I'm staying with a friend in La Molina, Peru and was wondering if anyone had been here before? It is a part of Lima. Are there any must-see places around here that anyone could recommend? Also, I really don't want to go to Peru and NOT see machu picchu but my friend is saying that it is hundreds of dollars which doesn't sound right and I can't find an exact answer online. How much would it cost to just get a train ride there and enter? Thanks!

Princess Cays Island

I have recently visited Princess Cays Island w/ my sister. A private island accessible through Princess Cruises.
This place is so beautiful I can't wait to go back again.
Snorkeling, Glass-Bottom rafting, beach-side barbecue, Native music and so much more. Very family friendly.

I found that there is very little information online for Princess Cays so I decided to start my own website!
I only have a few pics.
If anyone has visited this island and would like to share photos or information I would greatly appreciate it.
I will give a link to your Flickr account or whichever Image hosting website you use.

You can reach me at

The Birds Found it First

After a 9 hour flight from Oahu to Atlanta, the plane to SGF took off and after 30 minues in the air turned back because of tech problems. by the time we got back to ATL and landed we would have been in SGF. So now I have 8 hours to kill until the next flight. Weeeeeeee!!!!

I decided to post a few pics. I dont know if the captions are all screwed up or not. I am a bit tired I have grammar issues even when I am at full steam.

This month we have been shooting a video for the Oahu Visitors Bureau. It has been full of Helicopter flights, picnics, and even the occasional wedding.

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I look out the window of the hotel limo, making its way back from a rather unplanned flight over the hotel and town of Split. Beyonce schools me on the radio as a rather talkative man converses in Croatian to the Driver. Its 8:30 pm and 2-1/2 hours ago I got a phone call to come down to the lobby immediately so that I can hop in a car and take a helicopter ride. There is something quirky about this place and the people that I just love. Day three in Croatia.

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