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we dream of adventures

in other lands

following our desires to travel
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wander lust

        A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel

This is a community for anyone who loves to travel, dreams of travel, or is planning to travel. We all have stories to share, moments in time that stand still and forever make us think of those amazing cities, countries, continents we've been to or want to go to. This is a community for sharing those memories.

Come in and be inspired by those who have travelled across the lands. Share photos, memories, stories, ideas, dreams, moments. Haven't been out of your home town? No problems - come and experience the adventures through other people's eyes, learn about places that one day you too might like to travel to. Stuck for a location to go for a holiday? - let others share their memories and lessons from other places. Dreaming about that round-the-world-trip that one day you just have to make? - come in and share your ideas and thoughts, and let others share in the excitement.

Travel is about experiencing other cultures, other lands. About reuniting people and crushing the stereotypes that bind us, exploring the boundaries between us. Explore your wanderlust. It's our wanderlust too.

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